Six Day War of 1967 - 3rd Arab Israeli War




"Every one of the hundred million Arabs has been living ... to see the day Israel is liquidated"

Cairo Radio’s Voice of the Arabs broadcast,
May 18th 1967.

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17th July 2007 "The British volunteers who played their part in the war were never officially acknowledged. We were not mercenaries. Our names were recorded somewhere. We know what we did!" [more] Jeff Bonsack

5th July 2007 "I was Third Officer on a British Merchant ship when we were in the last south-bound convoy through the Canal" - Recollections of a merchant sailor

24th June 2007 Added review of Israel's War History DVD

14th June 2007 Added Six days to remember accurately - Jeff Jacoby "THE 40TH anniversary of Israel's astonishing victory in the Six Day War has unleashed a gusher of revisionist history.
On the BBC Web site, for example, Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen's retrospective on the war begins by noting that "it took only six days for Israel to smash the armed forces of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria." It goes on to emphasize that "the Israeli Air Force destroyed the Egyptian air force on the ground on the morning of 5 June 1967 in a surprise attack." But the BBC makes no reference to anything the Arabs might have done to provoke Israel's attack...

14th June 2007 Added'On the seventh day'- Yehuda Avner, The Jerusalem Post Yehuda Avner was on the staff of five prime ministers, including Levi Eshkol. In January 1968 Levi Eshkol travelled to the US President's ranch to plead for support"The heart of my mission, Mr. President," he said, "is how to create peace in the Middle East at a time when the Syrian and Egyptian armies are being rebuilt by the Soviets at a menacing pace - so fast that the Arab leaders are contemplating renewed war."

12th June 2007 Added The six-day war and resolution 242 - Maurice Ostroff (a concise analysis and discussion)

12th June 2007 Added text of Resolution 242

11th June 2007 Added endorsements from UK Chief Rabbi and updated blog posts (now 30 sites discuss this one, and a further 29 link to us - and these are only the ones we know about!)

10th June 2007 Added Echoes of Joshua's spies - Israel Harel Haaretz 10th June 2007 "...Euphoria reigned after the Six-Day War, say the "forgive-us-for-winning" people. That is not true."[more]

6th June 2007 Added video clip: 40 Year Anniversary of the 1967 Six Day War - Implications then and now June 5, 1967 - June 5th, 2007- Dr Michael Oren (videoconference between Jerusalem and the ZFA in Melbourne)

6th June 2007 Added link to video: Michael Oren's complete Shalem Institute lecture on the dramatic history of the Six Day War: 40 Years of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern World.

6th June 2007 Added expert analyses of the ongoing global ramifications of the Six Day War by Michael Oren, Natan Sharansky, Moshe Ya'alon, Martin Kramer and Yossi Klein Halevi:

  • Six days of war: the context of conflict
  • Israel awaits war: the torture of anticipation
  • Forty years of war: '67's aftermath

  • 6th June 2007 Added Recollections From The Six-Day War - Joseph Puder "In the early morning hours of Monday, June 5, 1967, the sun was already heating everything up around the Tel Nof airbase. Some of us were making our way to the mess hall of the base as Jordanian artillery shells shook the earth. Fragments reached our barracks, puncturing the outer walls with significant holes. Located in central Israel, the airbase was just a few miles away from a Jordanian base."

    6th June 2007 Added How Six Day War changed Jewish history - John O'Neill Detroit News 5th June 2007 - "Israel never had a better friend in the White House than Lyndon B. Johnson. But this made Israel all the more frustrated and somber in the spring of 1967, when LBJ urged restraint in the face of an obvious attack being prepared by the surrounding Arab states."

    6th June 2007 Updated the Independent Resources links and Blog Posts pages

    5th June 2007 JAFI Israeli Song Finder - Songs from Six Day War

    5th June 2007 Added links to pdf files from The Times showing how the UK newpaper reported the Six Day War in our News Archives section

    5th June 2007 Added A war that never ends - Richard Chesnoff, Daily News: " we mark its 40th anniversary, it's become fashionable in some circles to rewrite the history of the Six-Day War. Radicals, so-called "humanitarians" and others who love to hate Israel now claim that what was essentially a war for survival was in fact just an excuse for Zionist imperialism. [more]

    5th June 2007 Added Arab armies planned to destroy Israel - Q & A session with Michael Oren by Steve Linde of the Jerusalem Post "The biggest myth going is that somehow there was not a real and immediate Arab threat, that somehow Israel could have negotiated itself outside the crisis of 1967, and that it wasn't facing an existential threat, or facing any threat at all...What's remarkable is that all the people alleging this - not one of them is working from Arabic sources....What's behind the myth is a more pervasive, ongoing effort to show that Israel bears the bulk, if not the sole responsibility, for decades of conflict in the Arab world, and that the Arabs are the aggrieved party."

    5th June updated blogs page with new blogs and sites that link to us. We went 'live with this site in mid April 2007 - we are delighted to say that there are now more than 1200 sites on the internet that link to us as an educational resource.

    5th June 2007 Added We haven't learned all we should about Israel - Chicago Sun-Times: "Forty years ago today, in one of the most stunning developments of the last half-century, Israel pulled off the ultimate in go-for-broke gambles. On the morning of June 5, 1967, it sent all but 12 of its 200 air force planes on a surprise attack on Egypt's air force, knowing if those planes were detected and destroyed, the Israeli homeland would be vulnerable in the extreme to the combined Arab air forces. They weren't and it wasn't, and the Six Day War was written into history."

    3rd June 2007 Added 40 years since Arab-Israeli war - Salim Mansur June 2nd 2007 "An axiom of modern Arab politics is the greater the internal division among Arabs, the more strident is Arab rhetoric against Israel. In May, 1967, this stridency reached its peak when Nasser announced on May 22 the closure of the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, which triggered the Six Day War.

    3rd June 2007 Added The six-day war, forty years on - The Arabs' defeat by Israel in the lightning war of 1967 was followed by a deeper failure, says Hazem Saghieh.

    3rd June 2007 Added Six Day War Established Israel's Place In Middle East - Abraham Rabinovich

    "...For American Jews it marked the beginnings of Israel as a major communal concern and made it a central part of the communal agenda. Prior to 1967, Israel largely had been the concern only of a small cadre of Zionist activists.

    3rd June 2007 Added Book Review of Foxbats over Dimona, updated Blogs.

    1st June 2007 Added Rami Mangoubi's account The Longest Ten Minutes (a Jew in Egypt at the outbreak of the 6-Day War)

    1st June 2007 Added Exodus ll - Brenda Gazzar "...the authorities came knocking on his door in the afternoon of June 5, 1967. Jews were being detained, he was told, for their own safety and protection. Shabtai and his two brothers were taken to Abu Zaabal prison 65 kilometers outside Cairo and were later transferred to an internment camp at Tourah - the same prison in which he had been treating prisoners for the previous year. The 1967 war ended in six short days. Yet it would take another two years before Shabtai and his brothers were granted their freedom."

    31st May 2007 Added Professor Gerald Steinberg's analysis: "... the Palestinians are celebrating 40 years of "occupation" slogans. This rhetoric has provided them with a political victory that has significantly offset the defeat of the Arab armies on the battlefield. And by erasing everything that came before the 1967 war, including the years of warfare, terror following the violent Arab rejection of the 1947 UN partition resolution, Israel's enemies have managed to rewrite history.

    29th May 2007 Added Melanie Phillips's Diary"...De-classified documents have shown that Egypt, Jordan and Syria were planning to cut Israel in half; Jordan was planning to take out whole populations from Israeli towns and shoot them. Plans for the destruction of Israel had been laid to the smallest detail.

    29th May 2007 Updated Blogs that reference this site, and more Endorsements added.

    22nd May 2007 Updated Endorsements to include comment by Zeddy Lawrence Editor The Jewish News, UK

    22nd May 2007 Added full account of the dogfight of April 7th 1967

    22nd May 2007 Added recollection by Sir Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth "...I had witnessed something in those days and weeks that didn't make sense in the rest of my world. It has nothing to do with politics or war or even prayer. It had to do with Jewish identity..."

    22nd May 2007 The Days of Jerusalem & Hebron by Yossi Baumel added to the Spiritual section

    22nd May 2007 IsraelInsider recalls the first pilgrimage, en masse, of Jews to Jewish-controlled Jerusalem on a Jewish festival in two thousand years, since the pilgrimages for the festivals in Temple times.

    22nd May 2007 Additional Biography links added

    22nd May 2007 Added Then as Now David Warren, Ottowa Citizen: "...How many people living in Israel today can personally remember not only the Six Day War, but the events leading up to it? I, and so many my age and older, can personally remember a sequence of events, that has been distorted and recast to fit ideological fantasies."

    20th May 2007 Added Wisdom of Waiting - Michael Oren analysis in YNet news: "...instead of merely marking the Six-Day War's 40th anniversary, we should examine the Israeli government's decision-making process in the pre-war period and learn the appropriate lessons"

    19th May 2007 Added Rabbi Shisler's The Secret that won the Six Day War

    19th May 2007 Modified the site for easier navigation, separating Biography links to its own section

    19th May 2007 Added Uri Geller reminiscences to the Recollections section

    19th May 2007 Added the fascinating story of how the iconic picture of the three paratroopers at the Western Wall came to be taken and interviews the paratroopers depicted. Recommended

    18th May 2007 Added Charles Krauthammer's Prelude to the Six Days article

    18th May 2007 Added several blogs that discuss this site

    17th May 2007 The site has been very positively received by eminent authors, academics and historians. - visit our Endorsements page to read more.

    17th May 2007 In keeping with the ethos of this site, to educate and to commemorate, we are pleased to recommend the launch of an essay competition for those up to 21 years old - The Six Day War Competition

    17th May 2007 Nasser's Challenge - chapter 21 from Professor Martin Gilbert's book Israel - A History, this chapter republished by kind permission of the author.

    15th May 2007 Added a number of interesting current analyses to the News Articles section; this page divided into subtopics for easier reference. Additional background information sites to the Independent Resources section

    15th May 2007 Added From the Ammunition Hill to Bint Jbail - Eviathar H. Ben-Zedeff - Global Report

    15th May 2007 Added (News Articles section) The war that created the outlines for peace - Eli Podeh, Ha'Aretz

    15th May 2007 Added Six Days in a Foxhole - the war experiences of Yisrael Medad

    14th May 2007 Amended Timelines to include Speeches by Moshe Dayan and Prime minister Levi Eshkol on June 7th 1967

    13th May 1967 Link added to Six-Day War 40th Anniversary Guide - comprehensive documentation, including detailed maps and full speeches. For the media there is also a list with contact details of experts on different aspects of this topic. Recommended!

    12th May 2007 Added Hidden Miracles - the spiritual dimension. Was there more than simply superb planning and execution that allowed Israel to destroy the Egyptian air force so rapidly?

    12th May 2007 Added The Six-Day War: 40 Years On - Dr. Jonathan Spyer, Research Fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya. - brief summary of long-term impact of the war.

    12th May 2007 Added Balagan's place in history - the story about how a paratrooper, trained to fight in the Sinai, suddenly found himself on the front line in Jerusalem.

    12th May 2007 Added Sidney Assor remembers (Diaspora recollections)

    11th May 2007 Added PDF briefing notes: The Six-Day War of 1967: Build-Up to War - Dr Jonathan Spyer, Research Fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya. April 18 2007

    11th May 2007 Added The Six-Day War and the Mid-East Peace Process - a useful brief analysis by Cameron S. Brown, Deputy Director of the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya. The article can also be downloaded from the page in pdf format

    10th May 2007 Added Winston Churchill's Six Day War recollections (Winston Churchill was in Israel as war correspondent for the News of the World)

    10th May 2007 Added archive article: "The Quickest War"- Time Magazine Friday 16th June 1967

    10th May 2007 Added archive article:"A Nation Under Siege"- Time Magazine Friday 9th June 1967

    10th May 2007 Added Jerusalem 1948-1967 vs. 1967-2007: Comparing the Israeli and Jordanian Record - Linda Machaud-Emin, Research Fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya. April 18 2007

    9th May Added: Josephine Bacon recalls her experiences of being in Jerusalem during the Six Day War

    9th May Added: Arab Cartoon section. There is no doubt that cartoons in newspapers in the Arab world capture the zeitgeist, the combined Arab forces confidence that Israel will shortly be eliminated. See what you think.

    9th May Added another account to Jews in Arab Countries section: "...I was curious and peeked from the window. It was horrible... horrible... horrible, the picture I saw. They were chanting, ‘kill the Jewish!’ and in my mind I thought there were a million but there was really more like a thousand..."[more...] - Doris Keren-Gill's story

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    7th May 2007 Added further images to Timeline

    7th May 2007 Added Maps section

    7th May 2007 Added book review on The Seventh Day - Soldiers Talk About the Six-Day War

    7th May 2007 Added Shabbat saved my life! - a remarkable and moving account by Shmuel Gurewicz, a Lubavitcher Chassid, who was called up to fight in the Six Day War.

    6th May 2007 Added Six new short clips on Movies Page 2 (by kind permission of Eagle Media) with Sandhurst military historians giving their analysis of different aspects of the war - highly recommended.

    6th May 2007 Added Was it a bitter victory? - Daily Telegraph June 1968 (extract)

    6th May 2007 Added Rabbi Shmuel Jakobovits remembers...

    6th May 2007 Added Daily Express Photonews Special - July 1967 - extract

    6th May 2007 Added an Analysis of the statement by The World Islamic Congress meeting in Amman, Jordan, 22 September 1967

    5th May 2007 Added Khartoum Resolutions

    5th May 2007 Added The Six Day War June 1967 and Its Aftermath - analysis by leading legal authority Professor G M Adler. We are grateful he has given permission for us to publish this extract from his forthcoming book.

    4th May 2007 Added Crucial Quotes - who said what, and when. A timeline listing of imporant statements made in the build-up to the war - do let us know if we have omitted any significant statements

    4th May 2007 Added Rona Hart's personal experiences in Israel during the war - an account with some humour!

    4th May 2007 Added Google Search to the bottom of every page - locate exactly what you are looking for the easy way!

    4th May 2007 Added to Timeline photo of Confidential document to UK Foreign Office regarding incident on April 7th