Six Day War of 1967 - 3rd Arab Israeli War




"Every one of the hundred million Arabs has been living ... to see the day Israel is liquidated"

Cairo Radio’s Voice of the Arabs broadcast,
May 18th 1967.

Personal recollections from those within Israel


Uri Geller - a paratrooper in the Six Day War


"The battle started. All my friends were being shot. My commander was shot. A shell went straight into his light-armoured vehicle and he died in front of me. Then I suddenly noticed a Jordanian soldier from behind me. He looked into my eyes and was about to shoot me. It was an amazing moment: we were staring at each other for what seemed an eternity. I saw my whole life, a film version, flash through my mind. Then suddenly I snapped out of this trance - it must have been a millisecond - and I realised that whoever pulled the trigger first was going to survive. I guess I was faster. I shot him. Shells were exploding all around. Israeli jets were diving on to the hill. My first reaction was very strange: I did what I'd seen in American war films - I removed his military ID tag.


About 20 minutes later I was hit in my right arm. Then I was hit in my left arm, which shattered my elbow - even today I can't fully stretch it out. And then something hit me over my left eye and I passed out. I woke up in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.


I'd seen my friends die. One of them died in my arms. The driver of the light-armoured command vehicle lost his leg. I had to drag him out. It's something that you never, ever forget. Killing another human being face to face tapped into a kind of hidden spirituality in me. You want to know - you want to believe, deeply - that someday you will meet that person. And to this day, I think of that Jordanian soldier as my brother. It's almost like he is embedded in my soul. I've always been religious, and I know that I will meet him some day, in the afterlife."


- Uri Geller

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