"...but the Arabs still couldn't, and didn't, come to grips with the fact that Israel was not going to accommodate them by disappearing from the map."

Golda Meir

Aftermath & Analysis


" 1967 Israel was fighting, not a war of choice, but of necessity, fighting for its very survival against the armies of neighboring states at a time when the "occupation" so often cited as the key reason for Arab hostility was not yet a historical reality.

Israel still faces existential threats from a possibly nuclear Iran and its radical Islamic allies in Hamas and Hizbullah, as well as a continuing ideological campaign in certain circles of Western public opinion that views any Jewish state in this region as illegitimate.

...on a more positive note, in uniting Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, also opened up the holy places of the world's three major faiths to a degree of freedom of access and worship they had never known in all the centuries of Muslim rule."

- Calev Ben David Snap Judgment: Six days and 40 years - Jerusalem Post

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