Six Day War of 1967 - 3rd Arab Israeli War




"...the Six Day War was caused essentially by a local expression of a wider conflict."

Professor G M Adler.


The Six Day War – June 1967 and Its Aftermath 

Professor Gerald M Adler


Professor Adler writes and lectures extensively on the legal, political and historical aspects of the contemporary Israeli–Palestinian conflict, and on media influence in relation to this issue. His research interests cover international law, Middle East history, conflict and politics

He holds professional qualifications from Yale Law School and Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto. He is a qualified solicitor, advocate of the Israel Bar Association and barrister (Ontario) and has held posts as

Adjunct Professor, Faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering Technion-Israel Institute of Technology,

Haifa, Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Bar-Ilan University

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario

Senior Assistant to the Attorney General, Ministry of Justice, Jerusalem

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